Shia Calendar 2021 | Islamic Calendar 2021

If you looking for the Shia Islamic Calendar 2021 then you are at the right place and let me tell you one thing first which is the Islamic world is divided into two-part SHIA and SUNNI and both are the same but with some conflict, they follow some different tradition but the Islamic calendar was same for both and hence the Islamic calendar will also accept by the Shia community as well as by the Sunni community. So the calendar we provided you here you can download it for free either you devoted to Shia or Sunni community.

When is Ramadan 2021?

Monday,  12 April — Wednesday, 12 May
Islam is the waste religion and their believer are spread all around the world and they celebrate the festivals like EID, Ramadan and other important festivals of Islamic culture, hence they need the calendar which tells them the date and timing of the festivals. So here we will provide you the latest Shia/Islamic calendar for the Muslim brothers for the bitterness.

Shia Calendar 2021 Template

Islamic/Shia calendar generally depended on the movement of the moon and they can be flexible either depends on the position of the moon and weather and the EID like a festival which is the most important festival in the Islamic world is totally depends on the moon when the moon seems in the particular month then they decide when the EID has to happen after the one month of the Ramadan.


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